About Us

●   PEKABE was founded in 1968 by Hans-Georg Schulz  ●  1970 Worlds first model yacht blocks in single, double and triple execution,  with ball bearing fitted sheaves  ●  Standard execution: All parts of stainless steel or brass, hard nickel plated  ●  1973 First quick attaching adjustable shroud hooks with swivel head  ●   1973 First twin flat hook, the strongest and safest holding element  ●  1977 New T-profile provided with holes and slits for universal fastening of shrouds,  stays and to be used mast step: can be cut individually to suit required length  ●  1981 First single rigging screw with spindle positively secured against loss; spindle with large controlled range of adjustment, with quicklock  ●  1981 First metal shaped fairlead, splashboard-formed above deck and provided for ball bearing supported guide block under deck  ●  1983 Bousies of a new easy to grip design, made of armed plastic in various colors  ●  1984 High-strength  eye bolts, anti cord hooking design  ●  1984 Double rigging screw with quicklock, spindle positively secured against loss; rigging screw of large range with hand wheel for sensitive adjustment, especially suited as boom vang or backstay adjuster   ●   The Pekabe logo is a registered protected trademark   ●   Pekabe is specialized in the production of model yacht fittings   ●